Spring 2022 Home Decor Product Trends

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Spring 2022 Home Decor Product Trends
2022 is a wonderful year and a new beginning. Here are the trends of home decor products for spring 2022.
Vintage Style

No matter how the popular trend changes, vintage style always has its place in home decoration.
Vintage style use bold colors, mostly with rich orange, ruby red, olive green, dark blue, dark green and other vintage colors. The lively color scheme reflects the idea of pursuing a relaxed life and is more energetic. In addition, the vintage style is indispensable is the vintage materials, such as wood, brass, leather, etc..

Modern Industrial Style

Industrial style is the emerging trend of the 21st century. When mentioning modern industrial style,
it will remind us of the classic black, white and gray color.
The simple, hard and individual qualities coincide with the style of modern life.
Common industrial style elements include concrete, metal, wood, leather, etc

Natural Materials, Natural Elements

Natural materials such as raw wood, stone, concrete, terrazzo, marble, etc.
It comes with a unique natural texture,
and shows
modern and minimalist aesthetic.

Nordic Minimalist Style

The Nordic minimalist style is bright and clean, usually with white as the main color, other colors to embellish.
In Nordic style decoration, the colors often used are white, black, brown, gray and light blue.
The design pursues the overall simplicity and fluidity,
following the principle of "less is more" - Simple shape, pure textures, exquisite techniques.

Figurative Art of Human Face

The combination of figure curve, sculpture art and home decorations is very novel.
Such as a vase with a face, a beautiful face line plate.
Use interesting design to create unusual shapes of art decorations.

Geometric Elements
Geometric elements are a fashion trend that never goes out of fashion.
It expresses the beauty of mathematics, is not limited by any era and style,
and gives people a sense of unrestrained movement. Geometric patterns such as triangles,hexagons,
rhombuses or circles as design elements have a sense of structure and a clear hierarchy,
giving people a strong visual impact.
Fresh Greenery, Floral And Plant Prints

Green plants and flowers are full of freshness and vitality,
bringing people a beautiful home environment.
In addition to potted plants and dried flowers, flower and plant prints can also bring more spring beauty to homes.

Natural Warm Tones - Earthy Colors And Creams

Since the covid-19 outbreak, people are looking for more comfort in their homes,
and thus began a huge shift from cool tones to softer, warmer tones.
Soft and calm tones are one of the most important trends in modern living rooms,
and neutral and warm tones can make people feel cozy. Earth tones and creams are very livable colors.

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